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About Us

Mr. President......... I accept your challenge and I am brave enough to stand up and help fight crimes towards young as well as aging people. This is our part to make it happen.

Self Defense WITHOUT the Bloody Mess

Bloody mess


Whether you are petit, over weight, baby boomer, senior, in a wheel chair or what ever your situation is, "You can defend yourself" in an effective less lethal non bloody way.

Ake HedmanHello, My name is Ake Hedman and I am sick and tired to hear and read every day about rape, elder abuse, robbery, home invasion, intentional and accidental shootings.

As an American, I believe it is my duty to accept our President's challenge, to fight those crimes. is dedicated to train, inform and recommend products that will help us in potential dangerous situations. I do realize I am no "karate kid" any longer and there are millions more in the same situation.

Will you join me?

Coming soon.........

We are in the process of setting up a Facebook page, Twitter and starting a Newsletter. We can not do this crime prevention alone, we would appreciate your input as well. Your questions, feedback, experience and suggestions. We have room on our Blog for your comments or you can always email us.

Thank You for checking in!

Ake Hedman